I’m Kate and I’m so pleased you’re here

I’m a Brisbane photographer who documents weddings, family moments and business brands. I like to use natural light and the surrounding environment to reveal human connection and the magic of everyday life.

I’m inspired by the wonderful people who welcome me into their lives to capture their moments and tell their stories. I feel grateful I get to witness some of the most exciting times in a person’s life, like the ever-changing energy of a wedding, the wonder of a curious toddler, and the launch of a new project.

Kate Taylor, Brisbane Photographer

I’ve been my business for 10 years now and I love it. I’m so grateful I’m able to call this a ‘job’. But, let’s be honest, there’s more to me than just what I do…

Some things I love…

  • I love dance. When I was growing up all I wanted to be was a ballet dancer. Now I photograph dancers. Once of my career highlights was receiving a grant and two creative residencies to explore this further.
  • I love preparing, cooking and sharing a meal with someone I love.
  • I love being married. My husband is my bestie and cheerleader. We watch Elf every year at Christmas. And when he runs his hands through my hair, I feel safe and grounded.
  • I love being in nature. I love going on hikes, watching the sunrise and sunset, and frolicking in the shallows at the beach before the crowds set in.

What’s Behind the Name?

Quince & Mulberry is named after two of my inspirations – Quince, my old dog, and mulberries from my childhood mulberry tree.

Quince was my Labrador, who came into my life as a Kleenex-sized puppy when I was living in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, a region known for its wine and gourmet food.

While we celebrated with friends over summer, Quince would bask in the sun and her golden coat would grow richer in colour – much like the delicious quince paste on a cheese board in the Yarra. With our early love of cheese and our frequent trips to Milawa Cheese Factory, the name seemed apt for my beautiful pup.

My beloved Quince taught me so much about life, so I wanted to pay homage by naming my business after her.

One of my favourite childhood memories is climbing the giant mulberry tree in our backyard. My brother and I would explore the branches, befriend silkworms and collect berries until the juice covered our hands, mouth and clothes. We would go back inside with our little bellies full of berries and fun.

My memories of the mulberry tree and Quince remind me there’s beauty in everything and it’s my job to capture it.

Want to see what we can create together?

Labrador Puppy