Spicers' Hiddenvale Wedding
Wedding Photography at Spicers Hiddenvale

Welcoming Finley

This collection follows Nicole and Jimmy as they welcome their new baby boy Finley from newborn to a first year shoot.

I had the pleasure of photographing Nicole and Jimmy’s wedding back in 2016.

Within my photography collections I offer packages with multiple sessions, it is such a wondrous time with oh so many changes along the way, so I love being able to slow down and capture them for you. I love seeing the personality that comes through at the different stages, what could be sweeter, gorgeous new born yawns and tiny feet through to cheeky giggling one year olds.

My style is natural and emotive, I am never rushing and I want to capture the best moments, the ones that happen naturally. I love including your home environment in my Brisbane newborn sessions. But I also love frolicikng in the shallows with you or building sandcastles in my Gold Coast lifestyle sessions.  I want to show you how they see your love, not just for now, but for 20 years down the track.  I also want to include all the family members, especially the furry ones!