engagement at beach- Honest, natural, fun, romantic family-wedding-photography in brisbane queensland -QuinceandMulberryStudios


” To be perfectly honest, all I want is to buy a little house and spend my while life with you”

I love offering an engagement session to sit with all of my wedding packages, for so many reasons. Not only do I get the pleasure of spending a lovely afternoon in your company, but also you get to see how I work, and we get to build a little friendship. My goal is at the end of the session you feel you can go into your wedding day feeling relaxed and 100% focused on cherishing every moment, not thinking ‘what do we need to do for the photos, do we look at her or not?’

The main reason I love it, is because this moment means more than you think. It’s fleeting, and as you look at Pinterest, caterers, venues and honeymoon destinations it’s nice to come back to each other and reconnect for an afternoon.

candid moment,natural, fun, romantic-wedding-photography at Spicers-hiddenvale-QuinceandMulberryStudios


engagement at beach- Honest,natural, fun, romantic family-wedding-photography in brisbane queensland -QuinceandMulberryStudios